Parque Zoológico Huachipa

Mono Capuchino?

Mel and I visited Huachipa Zoo almost two weeks ago now, but as Mel was on vacations last week, I didn't post anything from the day until now.

Although we had a great day, certain aspects of the place leave you a little sad. Many of the enclosures - cages - are not adequate for their inhabitants. I don't know the cause of what you see in the following photo, but whether a result of living in captivity or not, it's not nice to see...

Black-mandibled Toucan

However, what a zoo always offers someone like me, is the opportunity to practice some photography!

"You talkin' to me?"
Red-capped Cardinal

The two shots above were taken through cages.

Military Macaw

The highlight of the place has to be "Bosque de las aves" (Forest of the birds), a huge enclosed area to view 20 or more species (according to park signs, which were not clear in saying which were which though...). It has a tower in the middle to view from, and a small waterfall to walk behind.

Some pics from inside here:

King Vulture

I think this is a Spix's Guan,
looks like Crested Guan too though

Surprised to see this here!
Black Swan

I can't find what the next one is, annoying as it looks so familiar. Also, lower mandible is larger than upper??

Give me a name please!


Lynne said...

WOW Tommy! Those are fabulous pictures! You have mad skilz with a camera. My favorite is the King Vulture (I love vultures). He's just magnificent.

Mel said...

LOL, I knew Lynne would love the King Vulture, told you to dedicate it to her!! lol

It was a good day, bit sad to see so many beautiful animals in cages, but good for learning about them a bit. My absolute favourite was "El Bosque de Aves".

Awesome pics babe!


RuthieJ said...

Great photos of the neat birds you saw!
Sorry, but I don't know what the last one is either.

Tommy said...

Lynne - thankyou as always :) That vulture was HUGE!

Mel - maybe I should have! hehe

Ruthie - thanks! I couldn't find the bird in 'Birds of Peru' so I think it's from a little further afield, like the Black Swan...