Random Walks Around Lima

A few of the birds to be found when walking around the parks of Lima :)

Black-crowned Night Heron

^^ Nycticorax nycticorax High in a tree, probably cursing humans for being around when fish were swimming nearby...

Vermilion Flycatcher (female)

^^ Pyrocephalus rubinus We still see a female in the garden most days, but she's more camera-shy than those found in the parks.

Sooty morph Vermilion Flycatcher

^^ Possibly the cutest flycatcher in Lima!

Blue-black Grassquit

^^ Volatinia jacarina Usually seen jumping about 1-2 feet in the air along with a short, loud call. Always nice to see atop a post or wall :)

Pacific Parrotlet (male)

^^ Forpus coelestis Saw two couples of these searching for food, unfortunately the female pics didn't come out very well. Maybe I'd have got the shot if locals walking their dogs hadn't unwittingly scared them off!

Where would a walk here be without one of these..?

Amazilia Hummingbird

^^ Amazilia amazilia Hummingbirds are head-turners every time for me, especially when they have their little territorial spats and chase each other in acrobatic madness!


Two Birds, One Future...

Something is going to happen soon...

Thanks to our cousin Malú for the great drawing!!

I've been doing some research into this marriage thing. Apparently, a man is incomplete until he is married - then he's really finished...

Just kidding Mel ;)


Punk Attitude

Southern Beardless-Tyrannulet (Camptostoma obsoletum).

A personal favourite, this little one (about 9.5-10 cm). Never been there when we looked for them, but this April we came across them many times - great!