I went to Pachacamac with Mel's mother and two aunts that were visiting from Argentina. The earliest parts of this archaeological site are believed to hail from between 1400 and 1800 years ago. The main construction followed with the Huari culture, and post-Huari it became a place of religious significance before becoming incorporated into the Incan Empire.

The highest point of the site,
with vast areas still to be discovered...

Unfortunately, lack of funding means that most of the site remains under sand, and it doesn't look as though that will change any time soon...

With some funding, this could be one
of Lima's greatest attractions

With the area being mostly desert, wildlife was minimal. At the entrance to the site they keep a llama. It seems this one didn't want to pose for a photo, so to save you from looking at said llama's rear-end, I found a 'gorgeous' canine instead - this is the breed that was offered to Barack Obama because of his dog allergies. I give you the Peruvian Hairless Dog...

Perro peruano sin pelo, ranked in the top five
in Tommy's Ugliest Dog Breeds '09

Hopefully that didn't put off anyone from visiting Lima... Just in case, here's the only birds I saw at Pachacamac...

Croaking Ground-Dove (Columbina cruziana)

Long-tailed Mockingbird (Mimus longicaudatus)

Time to go. Don't have nightmares about ugly dogs - I mean, it's not as if I posted this one!


Lynne said...

I love dogs, bu THAT is not a pretty dog!

Love that Mockingbird though. It sure looks alot like our Northern Mockingbird. Great picture!

Mel said...

I hope to join you in your next excursion.

I don't like that kind of dog... amazing that people would pay up to 1500 us dollars for a Peruvian Hairless dog!

I like that Mockingbird pic, even though I wished it was something else!!



Allison Bellido said...

Well I like the hairless peruvian dog, because i had had many of them since I was a child, but of course there are many people that dont like them and is ok.

It was a nice trip to Pachacamac and I will follow the trips of the turtle till the end, jejeje.