I Think I'm In Love...

...with a book!!

This arrived today - a month early!

Yours truly with his new companion.

So, while I've managed to get extremely lazy already with posting updates on here, I still couldn't resist showing this beauty off before Mel arrives home! (Of course I'm talking about the artistic masterpiece in my humble paws and not myself) I take my invisible hat off to Amazon (US) - I ordered online in the early hours of June 26th and the estimated arrival date they gave was 6th August - so international delivery in just 11 days was both fantastic and unexpected.

First impressions? WOW
Well, when you receive a book containing 1,792 illustrations of birds for the country you're living in, and with 45 years in the making of it, would you start from the beginning and read what the authors have to say? Out of respect the answer should be yes, but I couldn't help myself and jumped right in looking for some of the local species that I know and love. The drawings are superb, and I think both those and the accompanying descriptions will help no end in the identifications for this pair of new birders.

One thing I'm really not sure about though, is the descriptions of bird's calls. For example, for the bananaquit is: 'VOICE Song a variable series of high, thin, sizzling phrases, for example: "szzzzewy-szewy-szewy szzz." Calls high, thin "tsit" and "tseep" notes.' I can connect to everything but the "szzz" parts, which have me somewhat confused! I'll have to go and listen again to them asap. Identifying birds via sounds is my weakest point.

One thing's for sure - it's going to be fun increasing my knowledge of Peruvian birds with this travelling companion!

Until next time - the part time blogger
(aka Tommy)


Mel said...

I'm at work and I want to be home NOW!! I soooo want to see it!!!
BTW, you better be in love with me more than with the book or... hahaha
I'm soooo excited!!!

Lynne said...

HA! Tommy- I wondered what Mel would say when she read this post! I'm so happy you got your book. It looks wonderful. I'm sure it will open up the world of birds in Peru for the both of you. I agree about field guide descriptions of bird voices. I often don't connect well with the author's written descriptions.

Get out there and show us those birds!

Mary said...

Hi Tommy,

Mel sent me. For those new at birding, a guide like that one is a must! Mel is thrilled!

You have a nice blog here!


Mel said...

Hi there :)

I've been using this beauty to id a couple of totally-new-to-me birds.
Problem is, I get lost before getting to the wanted birds, as I start reading about others and then forget! hahaha

Need your help!! BADLY!!