A Fruity Bird...

A fruit-lovers paradise.

This post is a little late (sorry!), I was meant to publish these pics and comments around the same time as Mel's post, but have been putting things off. However, it should go some way to explaining why she mentioned "the most popular tree we've ever seen", yet only had pictures of the Amazilia hummingbird. Yes, the truth is that Tommy had the rest of the pics... and 'eventually'... they do get uploaded... zzzzZZZZ...

A note for Lynne: I'm sure that you will like the name of this little bird! I was looking through the Yellowthroats at first when trying to id it, as it bears some striking similarities, but apparently it is the only member of it's own family (Coerebidae). It's the Bananaquit! I laughed so much when I found out that!

Who named this bird Bananaquit?!?

Found throughout the Caribbean [except Cuba] and on the mainland from Mexico to Peru, Paraguay, North-eastern Argentina and Southern Brazil. Scientific name is Coereba flaveola, with the sub-species found here being Coereba flaveola pacifica.

Acrobatics? No problem!

They feed mainly on nectar, but also fruits and insects - they even hang upside down to eat! They are very sociable (you know when they're around!) and energetic (no sitting and posing for photos), and gather in large numbers where there is a regular supply of sugar or fruits. So I guess this tree must have been the avian equivalent of a gold mine! There must have been at least 20-30 Bananaquits hopping, shouting and feeding on this one tree!

Plenty of berries for all!

No more for me, thanks!

Hopefully I won't take as long to post next time...



Lynne said...

What a cool bird!
And with an even better name-
You're right- I DO love that name.
You can bet I'll be remembering this pretty tropical Bananaquit during our looong Minnesota sub-zero winter.
Thanks Tommy!

Mel said...

(Sneaking to be able to comment... currently at work!!)

Dear, your post is lovely!
That tree was certainly a great finding. Totally unexpected!

Your other visitors should know that the name of this beauty was a total mystery to us; so we used to call this bird 'Bandit', as it reminded us of those cartoon burglars with the black patch over the eyes.

I'm happy with the actual name though ;)

Until we bird again, kisses,


Tommy said...

Aah yes, "Bandit", forgot to mention that - looks like we had half the name right under our noses!!


Q said...

Hi Tommy,
Such a funny bird! I too love the name and now will be wanting to see one or twenty!!!
I must get out of my backyard...so many pretty birds to see.
Thanks for the id and the pics.
How are your butterflies????

Mel said...

Hola :)

There are a lot this morning on the trees across the street and on the back! Seems like the area became a hot spot this weekend! hahaha